Build your best NFT portfolio ever.

The only app you’ll ever need to check NFT floor prices with specific trait history tracking... and much more!

Soon in your favorite small screen of choice.

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Fast, native, in your pocket.

A fully native mobile app that will become your true swiss army knife when it comes to build, display and improve your NFT portfolio.

May you have the floor? Yes, all of them.

Get an historic overview of floor prices from any collection you want to track including the ones in your wallet.

Never miss a trait

Target specific subsets within collections and get notifications if any NFT with a specific trait fluctuates in price.

And much more...

We are actively building some really cool features to help you build your portfolio. Here's some of them...

Anon View

Create custom galleries to present only the NFTs you want and keep the rest of your collection hidden.

Smart notifications for you

Get useful insights based on wallets similar to yours, relevant blue chip activity and what holders of your collections are also buying.

Showcase your precious NFTs

Show your collection in style. See what your own NTFs would look like displayed in your own living room with AR.

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